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GUIDING LIGHTS - January 14 - 30

The Established Gallery @ 75 6th Avenue (corner of Flatbush Avenue)

Seventeen paintings for a relentlessly spinning world.

In March 2020, a time when so much darkness began to shroud our lives, I sat down at my mother’s desk in Pittsburgh where I was sheltering in place, and I sketched out a number of small concept drawings themed on our profound connection with light. What began as personal therapy grew into a larger plan for a gallery show. Perhaps I could take what small amount of light I had and inject it back into the world through painting. I began the first few paintings at my father’s house, where Andrea and I continued to shelter. Little did I know that by the time the exhibition would take place, nearly two years later, we would still be in the darkness of such trying times.

Come visit for a 1 hour booking. I thank you immensely for your flexibility and effort in seeing my show.

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